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Cross Border Irish Health is a private International organization based in Dublin. It was set-up to help and support the familiar long waiting lists in Ireland for medical procedures. Our aim is to give Irish public patients a choice to avail of the healthcare in Spain which they are entitled to under the Cross Border Directive (CBD - 24/2011/EU).

Our web page is designed to be an easy access platform to the complicated procedure for the HSE application and the contact point to top level private hospitals in Spain. We will assist you in any step you need to receive the treatment under the CBD which entitles patients who are in the public healthcare system in Ireland to avail of hospital treatments and services in another EU/EEA member state.

The main goal of CBIH is to reduce the length of time patients are on the waiting list before receiving their treatment in Ireland, increasing their standards of living and helping the community we are working in.

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Medical centres

We count with the high specialization of prime hospitals in Spain.

Clinica Diagonal

Clinica Diagonal

Backed by the experience of over 35 years in healthcare, Clínica Diagonal is a fully integrated, technologically advanced and prestigious healthcare facility. The hospital offers a full range of medical and surgical services performed by an extensive group of leading specialists. The hospital is known as one of the best in Barcelona, basing its reputation on the high quality of the services offered, the friendly, close and personalized environment in which all staff of the centre welcome their patients, and their experience.



The Institut Català de Retina is an ophthalmological, medical and surgical centre with over 30 years experience. Its objective is the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of eye diseases, the visual system and the accessory visual structures. The ICR Group comprises over 300 high qualified professionals, pioneers of the most innovative techniques of the ophthalmology area.

Clinica Sagrada Familia

Clinica Sagrada Familia

Clínica Sagrada Familia offer a personalized and cohesive assistance. The medical staff is formed by true and experienced professionals, and the hospital has 21,000 square meters of medical facilities and services designed for the comfort of its patients. The hospital has been in the business for more than 40 years in which it has experienced constant technical and professional development. The centre is certified by the Department of Medical Resources of the Catalan Government, is a members of the Catalan Association of Medical Institutions and of Barcelona’s Medical Centers.

Centro Medico Teknon

Centro Medico Teknon

Hospital Quirón Teknon is one of the leading hospitals in the European healthcare sector. It is located in the heart of Barcelona. Based on a rigorous culture quality management, accredited by the Joint Commission International, counts with more than 400 specialists of international standing and 2000 professionals.

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