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What's your question about?

About CBIH Programme

Q. Why was CBIH set up and what is the overall aim of this company?

A. Cross Border Irish Health is a programme specifically developed to assist and support Irish public healthcare. It is designed to offer a fast and excellent hospital service in Spain to everyone entitled to public patient healthcare in Ireland.

Q. Why should I choose CBIH above other companies?

A. We offer a comprehensive service and will help you to organize everything that is required for your trip and to avail of the best treatment.

Q. Which guarantees do I have that the treating consultants in Barcelona are of the same calibre as the Irish consultants?

A. The hospitals collaborating in the program have more than 30 years of experience. Doctors working in the program can be eligible to register to the Irish Medical Council and their qualifications and experience can be checked.

Q. Who can apply for treatment with CBIH?

A. All Irish public patients that are on a waiting list.

Q. Are there any restrictions when applying for my treatment through CBIH?

A. By now, CBIH is only doing cataracts and hip replacement operations while developing an extensive programme.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of applications I can make to CBIH?

A. No. As long as the HSE gives you authorization for that there is no limit.

Q. If treatment is not successful, can I re-access the medical treatment?

A. Yes, you would just need to apply for our programme again.


Q. Can I get an appointment easily if I need help with the HSE Forms in your Dublin Office?

A. Yes, we have a person who is available to help with any required paper work.

Q. What constitutes an undue delay with my prior-authorisation form?

A. Time always depends on the efficiency of the HSE.

Q. I have received authorisation from the HSE for my treatment, which is the next step?

A. You send the Approval Letter to CBIH and we will organise the trip.

Q. Does my GP or any other clinician have to provide a referral letter to the treating consultant in Barcelona?

A. While in most cases referring doctors will be happy to help with getting you a faster treatment, they are not obliged to provide a referral to a service in Barcelona.

Treatment in Spain

Q. Do I need to bring my EHIC?

A. Yes, it is recommended but it is not applicable to the treatment under Cross Border Directive. REMEMBER: your Irish Passport is necessary for your treatment in Spain.

Q. On arrival in Barcelona, what do I have to do?

A. Nothing. Just leave that on our hands. You will receive an email with all the schedule before your trip. We will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to the hotel.

Q. On arrival in Barcelona will I be met by a member of the CBIH Team?

A. Yes, we count on a bilingual team in Barcelona who will pick you up from the airport and explain step to step all the process to follow.

Q. If I run into difficulties in the hospital am I guaranteed a person will be there to assist me?

A. Yes, an emergency telephone number will be provided for you to contact us 24 hours a day.

After treatment

Q. Am I guaranteed a more comfortable seat on my return flight if I have a hip or knee replacement, and is the special needs person aware if I need wheelchair assistance?

A. Yes, we will make sure that the airline is aware about the situation, as we will request them to assist you at the airport. We will book a seat on the corridor for you to be more comfortable and your leg stretched.

Q. If I get treated in Barcelona am I entitled to follow-up treatment in Ireland?

A. Yes, follow up care may be availed of in Ireland.


Q. Why do I need to pay 180 Euro administration fee?

A. The fee is for our administration costs and to cover the booking of flights and accommodation, and if necessary any translation of documents.

Q. Do I have to pay for my treatment up front?

A. Yes, you must pay in advance, but once you return to Ireland you will be reimbursed by the HSE and this is due to EU regulations.

Q. If I borrow from my Credit Union, what is the maximum amount I can receive for my procedure(s), and what is the arrangement with the interest to be paid back?

A. The maximum that a patient can claim for a procedure is the value that a procedure would have cost in Ireland. Interest has to be paid by yourself on the loan.


Q. Can I get an appointment easily if I need help with the HSE Forms in your Dublin Office?

A. Yes, we have a person who is available to help with any required paper work.

Q. Is the Prior-Authorization Form a guarantee that the HSE will reimburse me when I return to Ireland.

A. Yes, when you receive authorisation from the HSE you are entitled to re-imbursement for your treatment.

Q. How long will I have to wait before I can get reimbursed?

A. The HSE will endeavour to ensure that reimbursements are processed without any delays within 20 to 23 working days. Depending on the efficiency of the HSE, the waiting period may be shorter or longer.

Q. Do I get reimbursed for my flight and accommodation?

A. Yes, every person who gets access to the programme has a guaranteed reimburse.